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Yacon Root Pure is a 500mg of pure yacon syrup powder in a capsule, from the top UK store - Evolution-Slimming.com. Best value for money offer with just $24 per supply!


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yacon root 500 mgTaking something sweet to lose weight does seem a bit weird.

We know.

But the thing about the Yacon Syrup is that this molasses-like tasting syrup is the ally you didn’t know you had in terms of losing weight like a boss.

What is it?

Yacon syrup is originally derived from tuberous roots of the yacon plant. Abundant in regions across South America, yacon syrup despite its sweet taste contains just 20 calories per tablespoon.

What makes it so special is that its made of up to 50% of fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Now FOS is what made Yacon Syrup a buzzword. You see, your body cannot break down this type of sugar, it can only pass it through your digestive system intact, so essentially even though you consume it you’re not actually taking any calories out of it. (Did I hear a YES?)

This is what gave rise to the Yacon Syrup diet, the routine in which you consume whole tablespoons of this sticky syrup to help with appetite suppression and by extension help you lose weight.
However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Despite its sweet taste, some people don’t like its strong aroma and aftertaste, or for that matter gulping down sugar out of a jar daily.
For people like this Evolution Slimming has developed Yacon Root Pure 500 mg, bringing you all the good stuff of Yacon Syrup and FOS without the sickly taste.

Yacon Root Pure at a Glance

  • Capsule form to take easily on a daily basis
  • Flavourless so much easier to swallow and take anywhere, even at the office
  • Can boost your metabolism
  • Improves your blood sugar levels
  • Helps with digestion and constipation
  • Developed by supplement leader Evolution Slimming
  • Top rated appetite suppressant with over 690 reviews and an overall 4 ½ rating
  • Natural and doctor recommended weight loss aid
  • Might assist with decreasing the LDL cholesterol and raising your HDL (good) cholesterol

Extra benefits of Yacon Root Pure compared to similar supplements when you buy Yacon through Evolution Slimming’s online store.

  • Get free chat, phone and email support related to Yacon Root or any other supplement you’re interested in
  • Get free guaranteed UK delivery
  • Tested formula developed with strong adherence to safety and efficiency standards

How does it work

As we’ve mentioned earlier yacon syrup is at least one third fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a type of sugar molecules that your digestive system cannot process. So, for one thing it contains at least one third less calories than similar molasses like syrups!

But what’s more important, by travelling through your digestive system, FOS reaches your intestine and nourishes it with good bacteria (prebiotics) which overall boost your wellbeing, your metabolism and immune system.

A 2009 study on Yacon Surup published in the Clinical Nutrition Journal found that it can help you achieve weight loss, and a decrease in BMI and waist circumference.

At the same time, the scientists observed that the subjects presented increased satiety by consuming yacon syrup and a better-working digestive system.

So to sum up, Yacon Syrup:

  • Supresses your appetite
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Aids with digestion, constipation

The study was conducted on obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance.

Is Yacon Root Pure effective for weight loss? Will I lose weight?

fat burning with yacon root pureSo you’re naturally caught in the Yacon Syrup Diet Vs Yacon Syrup Supplement dilemma.

Don’t stress out, both can be equally effective given the manufacturer/vendor adheres to quality and safety standards in the supplement and health industry.

You can equally benefit from taking Yacon Root Pure.

Just note, that the latter is the product of a globally known, trusted supplement provider and has been proven for its efficiency through the sheer number of positive reviews by consumers like you.

One or two consumers might exaggerate on their results, but surely not all 690 of them!

Side Effects

Yacon Root Pure is a natural weight loss aid so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians however if you’re pregnant, nursing or taking medication for any medical condition or about to undergo surgery it’s highly recommended that you consult your doctor before placing an order of this or any other dietary supplement.

Customer Testimonials

What are people saying about Yacon Root simply confirms Evolution Slimming’s credibility in developing first-class, natural supplements for people interested in weight loss.

Let’s look at customer feedback.

A customer named Elliot says,

“Suppresses my appetite, I alternative between this and the glucomannan as that can be quite expensive if using daily and it works great. i have been using them both together for a month now and it really helps to keep my calorie intake down”

In the same vein, a female customer named Clair says,

“I use this alongside the raspberry ketone and love both, I have lost half a stone in a month and a half. Very happy”

A theme surfacing after going through several reviews is that people use it along other dietary supplements, take it as part of an active lifestyle or consciously make healthy dietary choices to accelerate the weight loss results.

That’s just only further supports the fact that Yacon Root Pure is not an alternative to dieting or exercising but acts as a booster of these.

Verdict – Is Yacon Root Pure Recommended?

Among dozens of Yacon Syrup dietary supplements, Evolution Slimming’s Yacon Root Pure stands out in terms of authenticity and efficiency, total customer rating and safety of use.

If you want to learn more check our Yacon Surup comparison table or head straight to Evolution Slimming’s page to order now.

Where To Buy Yacon Root Pure & Pricing

buy yacon root pureA single month supply is currently at 50% discount, priced only at $24.

A two-month supply comes with an even bigger discount. With 54% off, you get two months’ worth of Yacon Root at $45.

The most popular choice, the three-month supply retails at $66 after a 55% off discount being applied.

We recommend the three-month option so you will have a sufficient amount of Yacon tablets to help you get the best results.

Just remember, just like all natural dietary supplement, Yacon Root Pure is not a magic pill. You will need to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet for it to work.

Place your order today and benefit from their guaranteed delivery or your money back plan.

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