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Yacon Molasses is a 100% pure yacon root syrup created in FDA-registered lab in the USA by Pacific Naturals company. It costs from $39.95 only and provides a great support if you are looking for natural weight loss.


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3 month supply with rootYacon root actually a plant extract that’s been around since historical times. Native to the Andes mountains of South America, it was first discovered by the Incan Empire for its nutritional value and medicinal  properties.

Because of such benefits, it wasn’t long before its fame spread to more countries in South America namely Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. As it only had a few calories and low sugar, its dry leaves to make antidiabetic yacon tea while its roots served as a nutritional supplement for people who had diabetes and conditions of the digestive tract and kidney.

Fast forward to our modern times and there’s not much difference. Recent research and clinical studies have shown that the weight loss benefits of this plant extract is quite remarkable and now carries the name, “Metabolism Game Changer” as dubbed by the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, the TV Doctor of America.

This root extract that has been making so much noise is none other than Yacon Syrup.


  • http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-vector-approved-stamp-isolated-white-image29840749To Promote Weight Loss
  • To Support Healthy Metabolism
  • To Control Food Cravings
  • To Keep Sugar Levels Healthy


  • Made Of 100% Pure Yacon Root Syrup
  • Made In the USA in FDA-registered lab
  • Competitive Pricing


Except for typical interference with prescribed drugs, none


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How Yacon Molasses Works

Yacon syrup is naturally abundant in prebiotics such as insulin and Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which are sugars found naturally in plants. Its concentration of FOS is especially high. Now, with FOS, it’s able to resist breakdown by enzymes found in our digestive tract and can therefore reach the colon without being digested.

Being this the case, the Yacon root syrup has only one-third content of the sugar’s caloric value, which is around 20 calories per tablespoon or 133 calories per 100 grams. This is the reason why it makes a good replacement of sugar in your meals or drinks.

ingredientsFOS also helps feed good bacteria, such as Bifidus and Lactobacillus, found in our colon. Research has shown that these bacteria have anti-inflammatory and immune booster effects; hence, having more of them in our colon helps to keep a healthy and ideal weight. In turn, these good bacteria transform FOS to short-chain fatty acids which can aid in cholesterol synthesis of the liver and improve insulin sensitivity of tissues.

Moreover, FOS serves as a soluble fiber which helps to increase bulk of stool and stop constipation. It has also manifested the ability to balance the production of some gastrointestinal peptides that help regulate both levels of insulin and intake of food. Hence, Yacon syrup can help control appetite, enabling us to eat less food.

Side Effects And Interactions

The product is not recommended before you consult your doctor in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy or nursing a baby
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart diseases
  • Taking prescription medications

If you are not having serious health conditions, you may rest assured this product doesn’t cause any types of side effects, if taken according to the instructions.

In fact, the yacon syrup is beneficial as a natural sweetener and sugar replacement, as it doesn’t lift sugar levels as you take it, while having a sweet taste.

Clinical Studies on Yacon Root Syrup

Dr. Oz did his own experiment to find out how effective Yacon syrup is in helping people lose weight. He asked 60 female participants to take one tablespoon of Yacon Syrup before or during their meals, and not making any changes to their usual diet and exercise routines. Out of the 60, only 40 completed the trial but the results spoke for itself:

  • 29 out of the 40 women reported a little loss of weight.
  • 14 women lost at least 5 pounds.
  • The average weight loss among the women was around 3 pounds.
  • Reduction waist of almost 2 inches was also noted.

losing-weightAnother study was done with the purpose of assessing the benefits and tolerance of Yacon Syrup to humans. Results showed that everyday consumption of the said syrup gives a significant decrease not just in body weight but in waist size and body mass index as well.

Moreover, stool frequency increased satiety sensations were observed. Fasting glucose and serum lipids were not affected with the intake of Yacon syrup and a favorable effect was noted in serum LDL-cholesterol levels.

This particular study suggested that Yacon syrup is a good source of FOS and long time consumption of it would produce many health benefits especially to obese pre-menopausal women who have insulin resistance.

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Should You Buy Yacon Molasses?

The key is to first know who you’re buying from. If you’ll check the Yacon Molasses Offer website, you’ll see that they have been in the business of selling health and wellness products now for 15 years and have made customers happy with what they have purchased from them.

Know that fly-by-night manufacturers mostly rush to create their own version of Yacon Syrup and immediately find chances to “cash in” on it while it’s popular in the market. You would notice too that brands are cheaper because they are supplements that are pure. With the Yacon syrup from Molasses, it’s guaranteed to contain 100% pure and organic Yacon syrup.

Where To Buy?

buy yacon molassesAs Pacific Naturals® company believes in offering you the best quality and value of their products, Yacon Molasses offer a 90-days money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with  your purchase.

The product is not available in the local stores, but you can order it safely online from the official website http://www.yaconmolassesoffer.com.

The 1-month supply costs only $39.95, 3-month supply costs just $79.95, and you get the 6-month supply of Yacon Molasses Syrup for just $119.95.

The current pricing is exclusive for genuine 100% pure syrup and may not last long, so it’s recommended to order direct if you want to benefit from these discounts.

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