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Very affordable yacon syrup concentrate by a US company N. American Herb Spice. 100% pure syrup concentrate comes in a liquid form for easy use with your drinks & smoothies. May promote fat loss if used along with a healthy sensible diet.


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What is Pure Yacon Syrup?

yac-o-power syrup bottleThe Yacon Syrup is extracted from the roots of the Yacon plant. Found at the Andes mountains of South America, this plant resembles a sweet potato with a syrup that’s naturally sweet. Its color and consistency is very much similar to molasses too.

This syrup actually has a long trace of history behind it. It was first used by the Incan empire who discovered its nutritional benefits and what medical properties it had to help improve conditions of people who not just had diabetes but digestive and kidney ailments as well.

It wasn’t long before it rose to popularity, reaching other countries in South America like Brazil, Bolivia and Peru who all used it as a natural supplement for people having the same conditions.


  • http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-vector-approved-stamp-isolated-white-image29840749To Regulate Digestion
  • To Suppress Appetite
  • To Replace The Sugar In Diet
  • To Control Blood Sugar levels


  • Peruvian Yacon root 33:1 Concentrate
  • Made In the USA in FDA-registered lab
  • Very Affordable Price


Doctor advice needed if on prescription medications


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Fat Loss Alternative for Diabetics (And Not Only)

Diabetics have no choice but to avoid sweets so as not to complicate or worsen their condition. This may be quite sad for those who once had a sweet tooth. What delight they find in taste of food are now replaced with days of limited sweets and possibly, bland-tasted food for those with severe cases.

But now, thanks to a certain plant extract, this situation has changed. Diabetics can now how have a natural and healthy sweetener to have the chance to enjoy what delightful sweetness there was in eating their food. This plant extract is none other than Yacon Syrup.

How Does it Help Your Body?

improving your health naturallyThe Yac-O-Power suryp contains much fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which are are sugar molecules that don’t get affected by the enzymes of our digestive system.

Because of this immunization, FOS don’t give off calories into our bodies. It also helps increase stool production, stop constipation and improve the overall condition of our guts.

Another powerful benefit of this syrup is it’s ability to control appetite urges, which helps people who take it to cut down on eating and thus consume less calories.

Many yacon root conentrate users note that this product helps them stick to a healthy diet easier and to break their bad eating habits.

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What do Customers Have to Say About it?

It’s but normal for a company to say good things about it but for this part, Vitamin Shoppe lets their customers do the talking.

“I put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in my juice extraction every morning. It is really sweet and taste natural not artificial. I love everything about it.”

– Miss Adventure from Long Beach CA

“You gotta try this!”

– Jodie from Wisconsin

“It works, it works, it works! I tried to break the plateau for years. It works. Be sure to include 30 minutes of exercise (yes, even walking) for maximum benefit. And did I mention…it works?!”

– Bottom Line

“Really, really works as an appetite suppressant.”

– Fletchferg226 from Evansville

How Much Does It Cost?

Vitamin Shoppe’s Yacon product is called N. American Herb Spice Yac-O-Power Yacon Syrup. It’s concentrated with 100% natural mountain-grown Peruvian yacon root syrup, has the ratio of 33:1 concentrate and is very powerful yet safe to use.

Each bottle comes at the very affordable price of $19.99 with the perk of earning 20 health award points if you buy them.

Sweet tasting as it is, it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and is a good natural source of fiber and antioxidants. To use it as a natural sweetener, just add 1/2 teaspoon or more to your tea or smoothie.

Where Can You Buy Yac-O-Power?

buy yacon syrup You can purchase Yac-O-Power Syrup from the Vitamin Shoppe. With their “Every Body Matters” mantra, they are committed to helping to make the world a healthier place one life at a time since 1977 when their first store opened.

With Vitamin Shoppe, you can be sure that you’re buying from a vendor that sells genuine products. They have a range of over 16,500 high quality supplements on sale at affordable prices as well as highly trained health enthusiasts who are always ready to explain what a product is all about and share their experiences with it.

They also give customers a chance to save up on their purchases with their Healthy Awards Program where you can join for free and earn redeemable points immediately after your first purchase.

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